The best weather conditions

Weather in the Val di Mazia

Regardless of the climate or the season, our hotel deserves a visit. In order to pack the perfect suitcase, consult the latest weather forecast.

General weather conditionsPartly cloudy
Sunny weatherfrom 16° to 31°

Top temperatures between 26° and 33°.
Sunny weather with some harmless clouds.

High pressure conditions.

DevelopmentSunny with some thunderstorms

Forecasts for the coming days
Day from 25° to 32° Night from 11° to 18°
11.07.2020Cloudy, thunderstorm with moderate shower
Day from 19° to 28° Night from 11° to 19°
12.07.2020Partly cloudy
Day from 22° to 30° Night from 6° to 16°
Day from 22° to 30° Night from 9° to 17°
Bergsteiger DörferUpper Venosta ValleyVenostaSouth Tyrol
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